Aquaculture Consultancy & Engineering (ACE) specializes in design and construction of recirculation systems for aquaculture farms, as well as the supply of necessary farm equipment.

ACE also provides full support with regard to site selection, feasibility studies, staff selection and training, and 24/7 management support during the first year of farm operation.

ACE has broad experience with all technical aspects of Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Over the years we studied and improved many farm components, including feeding systems, bio filters, sedimentation tanks, monitoring/control systems and oxygen reactors. This equipment is built in our own workshop and tested at commercial scale farms before being used in new projects. The general goal in ACE product development is to reduce the cost of the equipment, while at the same time increasing efficiency, durability and reliability.

Compared to purely technical suppliers, ACE distinguishes itself by practical hands-on experience with all aspects of running a farm, as well as the biology of the culture species (marine and fresh water fish, but also shrimp, lobster, crab, shellfish and micro algae). With experience in a wide range of countries, climates, and with a multitude of species, ACE has the birds-eye view that can help to make new projects successful.


  • Systems & equipment
  • Engineering
  • Hatchery & production

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