Producing fish is only one part of a successful business. In a changeable market, aquaculture can only be a success if the market is well-known, and if all chain partners are cooperative in the national, even global market. Fishion therefore works with a clear demand-driven chain approach.

Fishion offers consultancy to all aquaculture chain partners and supports the complete aquaculture chain, from breeding, farming and transporting fish to processing and marketing of fresh fish products.

Adding value to the aquaculture chain

Fishion, founded by Jan van Rijsingen MSc, is the aquaculture division of the Van Rijsingen Groep, a Dutch agricultural company that has been involved in fish farming since 1985 (eel, sturgeon, salmon, catfish, Tilapia and Claresse®). Today, besides facilitating organizations in the aquaculture chain to cooperate and exchange their expertise, Fishion is continuously involved in research and development in order to improve the quality of the aquaculture value chain.

It is Fishion’s goal to add value to the aquaculture chain by means of research, co-investments and innovative developments. Fishion guides fish farmers and other partners in the aquaculture chain with regard to production planning, data collection start-up, fish feed, water quality control and value chain optimisation.


  • Service and training
  • Processing, marketing & logistics

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