Sustainable Aquaculture Solutions

SAS contributes in sustainable development of the aquaculture sector by reducing (unnecessary!) losses due to diseases, resulting in increased production performance. At the same time, SAS aims at continuous improvement in environmental and social performance in the aquaculture sector.

Win-win situations in aquatic health management

Dr. Ir. Karin van de Braak, Aquaculture Health Specialist with an M.Sc and Ph.D from Wageningen University, has worked for over 20 years on diverse aspects of shrimp and fish health and was responsible for the start-up and implementation of Aquaculture Health Management and Business Development for INVE Aquaculture in Asia.

As an independent advisor, she has been responsible for the development and implementation of a National Aquatic Animal Disease Surveillance System for FAO, in health assessment and implementation of biosecurity measures for farmers. Karin has been engaged in R&D in partnerships with Universities and works as a 3rd party auditor for several certification bodies.

Karin has a special interest in supporting sustainable development of the smallholder farming sector by addressing environmental and social aspects in collaboration with NGO’s and partners in the seafood supply chain. Always looking for opportunities to create win-win situations, Karin is able to zoom in on animal level and zoom out with a holistic approach on global level.

Activities: quality research, training and health management

  • Aquatic Animal Health Management for fish and shrimp hatcheries and grow-out (health and risk assessment, disease diagnosis and prevention, disease surveillance system, health plan, biosecurity planning, aquatic animal welfare, stress reduction)
  • Audits of existing aquaculture operations & pre-audit guidance on development of a Farm Management System to ensure full compliance (for smallholders and multinationals) with the standards of ASC, GlobalGAP Aquaculture and CFM, BAP, IFC and SA 8000
  • R&D, project management & sustainability studies (Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and market research)
  • Training & workshops on issues such as sustainable development of world aquaculture production, aquatic animal health management, best management practices in aquaculture, biodiversity, eco-labelling in the seafood supply chain and on the question how to feed the world in 2050 – ‘Towards zero hunger’

The economic, environmental and social benefits of improved aquatic animal health management are not mutually exclusive but strengthen each other!’

Sustainable Aquaculture Solutions

  • Research
  • Service and training
  • Health, quality & certification

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