Til-Aqua International

Til-Aqua International is a Dutch tilapia hatchery producing Natural Male Tilapia (NMT) and special Broodstock using the so-called YY-technology, resulting in all-male tilapia without the use of hormones.

Til-Aqua’s Silver and Red strains are pure Oreochromis niloticus L. The NMT offspring produced by the Silver strain has an average male ratio of 99.7%.

Knowledge of genetics and performance-improving technology

We have long-standing experience with tilapia producers, universities and research institutes all over the world. Our knowledge of genetics has turned Til-Aqua into the most experienced partner worldwide for tilapia farmers. Tilapia hatcheries and growers using our YY technology have observed more robust fish and a higher production rate from the first order. In short, the advantages of our YY technology are:

  • No use of hormones required to achieve high male ratio
  • Easy and effective
  • Healthy immune system development
  • Higher fish robustness, leading to higher production
  • No environmental harm or ecological impact
  • No risk for staff involved in production process

Export and training

Til-Aqua does not only export their Broodstock and NMT to all parts of the world. We can also deliver hatchery and nursery kits and provide training to hatchery employees, transferring advanced knowledge and experience to our customers. A total package called The Concept, enhancing the performance and revenue of your tilapia facility.

Til-Aqua International

  • Broodstock & fish
  • Research
  • Service and training
  • Hatchery & production

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