Aquaculture ID

Aquaculture ID specifically focusses on commercial aquaculture in RAS systems. Aquaculture is our identity; we are African catfish fingerling farmers ourselves and we design and construct complete innovative fish farms for a large number of fish species for our customers.

Every project starts with an idea from the customer, which will result in a successful project using our innovative designs. We provide complete turnkey farm projects, including all hardware, installation and training on site.

Aquaculture ID is a branch of Fleuren & Nooijen BV. Fleuren & Nooijen started over 30 years ago with a small hatchery for African catfish and has developed into a company designing and constructing culture systems for a wide range of species.

Grow out systems

Aquaculture ID provides intensive grow out solutions based on either RAS or semi flow-through technology for a wide range of fish species, like African catfish and Tilapia. Based upon the climate, availability of water, land and electricity the decision is made for either RAS or semi-flow through set-up.

Hatchery solutions

The quality of husbandry in the early life stages determines to a large extent the fitness, health and growth of fish in grow out settings. Aquaculture ID hatcheries provide the optimal systems fitting each stage in the development of African catfish, Tilapia and other species like common carp and ornamental fish. The hatcheries are set up in a modular way. Each module is a small RAS capable of producing a fixed number of a certain size. Next to plug-and-play modules, we offer complete packages including the systems, all necessary equipment, infrastructure (electrical and water), installation, training (technical, breeding and biosecurity) and even fish feed. Turn-key projects allowing a quick and complete start, backed up by Aquaculture ID.

African Catfish fingerlings and broodstock

“Dutch Strain” African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fry and broodstock has been developed in the hatchery of Aquaculture ID in Someren, The Netherlands. This strain is the result of over 30 years of on-farm selection. From our hatchery Aquaculture ID supplies fry and fingerlings as well as ready-to-spawn broodstock to farmers worldwide.

Aquaculture ID

  • Broodstock & fish
  • Systems & equipment
  • Engineering
  • Hatchery & production

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