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Wageningen University & Research offers the relevant knowledge to the aquaculture and fisheries sectors in order to develop sustainable and profitable businesses.

The research of Wageningen Marine Research and Wageningen Livestock Research covers all areas of the aquaculture value chain. We focus on the development of robust production systems for fish and shell fish that have low impact on the environment, genetic improvement and breeding programs, fish nutrition, sustainability tools for aquaculture (including fish welfare and stunning systems), and sustainable exploitation and management of shell fish.

We have state of the art experimental facilities including indoor and outdoor algae culture systems, recirculating systems and flow through systems for fish, hatchery and nursery facilities for fish and shell fish, and modern laboratories.

Marine research

Wageningen Marine Research is established to provide the scientific support that is essential for developing policies and innovation in respect of the marine environment, fishery activities, aquaculture and the maritime sector. Wageningen Marine Research is an independent, leading scientific research institute conducting research with the aim of acquiring knowledge and offering advice on the sustainable management and use of marine and coastal areas.

Livestock research

Eggs, meat, fish and dairy products must, in the first place, be healthy and tasty, but they must also be produced in a responsible and sustainable way, with proper attention for animal welfare and health. That is precisely what Wageningen Livestock Research stands for: developing the knowledge needed for sustainable and profitable livestock and fish farming. Being part of Wageningen University & Research our experts have access to a wide range of multi-disciplinary expertise ranging from fundamental to applied research. As such we are in a unique position to translate advanced and innovative academic research into practical applications for the aquaculture industry.

Our clients are national and foreign governments, the European Commission, multilateral donors, and national and international private sector companies. They demand products that range from assessments and impact studies, to feasibility studies, contract research, consultancy services and tailor made training programs.


Marine monitoring, Sustainable marine exploitation and protection, Food from the sea, Marine spatial planning, Nature-Based Solutions.

Wageningen University & Research

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